Arrival of baby Jan 

So, my hubby and I named our first born Jan. A variation of Jane that means gracious gift of God. Yes, we are Christians and it wasn’t an easy journey especially for the hubby. He was a staunch Taoist/Buddhist to now a believer of Christ, after like…. 8 years or so. His personal journey of turning from a staunch Taoist/Buddhist to a believer of Christ, is definitely a testimony that I would like to share but not now.

As my title suggests, it’s about the arrival of baby Jan. Nothing much has changed (yet) as I’m still in my confinement period and that she is only 3weeks old. Till the confinement lady leaves, I guess that would be the greatest challenge that I might face: handling the baby all by myself. As my friend suggests, let my maternal instinct lead me.

Here, I share a collage of her in the first 2 weeks. Just to keep track of how she changes, I’m trying to do what most parents do: taking lots of pictures.

Since this blog is set up with the intention of penning down her growing up years, it would most likely have most of her pictures.

In the meantime. Have a blessed weekend!


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