baby, bottle feeding

Bottle feeding

I think entering into motherhood is a lifelong learning journey and there are lots of decisions to be made. One of those would be bottle feeding. When should we give the bottle? How many feeds do we give bottle? Which feed should we feed bottle? Would bottle feeding slow my milk supply? Would baby prefer bottle instead of latching? So many questions. Honestly, I have no answers too.

But like most mothers and I’m sure it is quite a common knowledge or understanding that during the 1st mth, infants shouldn’t be fed bottle so that they are not confused with nipples and teats. Like my friends, they introduce bottles really soon and has the luxury of not tiring themselves because babies drink faster from bottles than from latching. However, I have friends as well, the babies just refused the bottle. I’ve got a friend who even resorted to leaving the home to make baby hungry so that the father could feed the bottle but the baby chose to be hungry and waited for the mum to be back. All these I’ve heard before I gave birth.

Then I googled on introducing bottles, there were so many school of thoughts. I guess the true answer to when to introduce bottle is by trial and error. I think nobody can answer this but at least for me, I introduce one bottle feed and I do variate the timing of the bottle feeding just so I know which timing suits best for her. I’ve got no answer right now because she is only 3weeks old. And yes giving her the bottle allow myself to rest and take a breather from holding her for 40mins just to feed her.

Here’s a picture of her drinking from the bottle. Have a blessed Sunday!


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