good days bad days

I was advised by many friends who are mothers that babies have good and bad days. I remembered being very frantic when it comes to dealing with babies. I was taught if they cry, it would be 3 reasons:

  1. They are hungry (which is the most common one)
  2. Dirty diaper (which is another common one)
  3. Colicky (difficult to detect)

I have a baby who keeps crying at week 2, and because she kept sticking out her tongue and follows my fingers (which are a common signs of a hungry baby), so i kept feeding her. She was sooooooooo bloated (which I didnt realised because it was cared by the confinement lady and her stomach was so hard that there was one night that she vomitted so much that her puke came out of her nose as well, and it was milk. I was so shocked. It was so much from her mouth and nose, that I can imagine if no one was around her, she might have choked to death. I was so worried that I hurried to the paediatrician and was later told that she is experiencing a reflux as has a weak esophagus. The Pd thus advised me to feed on demand, and so I did.

Now, baby is 3.5weeks, and last night, she again had that same bloated tummy, and she is very difficult in putting back to sleep. After feeding her, she would cry. She unlatched herself then would cry, and this time her cry and facial expression resembles those who have been abandoned and that pains me. Nothing seem to be able to calm her. She also had problem suckling because she was kicking alot, and that is a tell tale sign of discomfort for her.

I wish and pray for her to get comfortable soon and grows healthily.

From a distressed and learning first time mom.


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