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Schedule training updates 

So… Since the last post I’ve been busy schedule training my baby. It was really tough at the beginning to follow strictly to the book. It was especially tough especially the day routine i.e. The nap times, to keep her awake and not allowing her to fall asleep as and when she wants to. There were several cries that were heartbreaking and made me want to just give up. I’m thankful for having a husband who works from home and has been helping me manage my expectations.

There were some disagreements like how flexible we should be. For example, my husband thinks that we shouldn’t follow strictly to the book because the baby can’t adjust just yet or the baby is too young (I started the training at 6weeks old). I, on the other hand, believe that we just follow by the rules and adjust later if it doesn’t work. It took us Abt 2-3 days to come to terms and I am fortunate that he gave in to my stubborn way to follow strictly first. In my opinion, if I don’t follow strictly, I wouldn’t know what to adjust if I were to start off with flexibility first. So, you can imagine, the baby was extremely irritable and unhappy due to strict sleeping and drinking time.

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