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Ergococoon vs Swaddle cloth

As a first time mom, I have heeded everyone’s advice to get swaddle cloth because that helps to soothe the baby, however, after trying out ergococoon, I think for my next kid, I would definitely choose ergococoon.

Swaddle cloth experience – As many of you would have known, I’ve got a really fussy baby. She cries non stop. It is especially daunting for me when it comes to swaddling her because she would kick and kick so much so that I thought that swaddling her is unnecessary because she hates it (taking the cue from her kicks). I haven’t had the ability to calm her to sleep. I was then told by a friend that no matter what they need to be swaddled in order to feel secure. And so, I started the swaddle journey. Note: I stopped swaddling her at 5weeks after confinement lady leaves because I simply thought that she hates to be swaddled because her hands are not freed, like claustrophobic but I was obviously wrong.

I must say I’m very bad at swaddling. My husband swaddle the baby much than me. I find it hard to swaddle nicely for her, so I have literally given up swaddling her leaving it to the husband to do it. He is really smooth with it. We used swaddle cloth and I always make such a mess that my husband would always finish the job for me. Until I had the ergococoon. I’ve had some friends using it as a sleeping bag more than explaining to me that it acts as a convenient swaddle. I had the opportunity to review ergococoon by  mymiraclebaby and I have since been using it for a couple of days. I must say, I am all in for ergococoon now.

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