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Ergococoon vs Swaddle cloth

As a first time mom, I have heeded everyone’s advice to get swaddle cloth because that helps to soothe the baby, however, after trying out ergococoon, I think for my next kid, I would definitely choose ergococoon.

Swaddle cloth experience – As many of you would have known, I’ve got a really fussy baby. She cries non stop. It is especially daunting for me when it comes to swaddling her because she would kick and kick so much so that I thought that swaddling her is unnecessary because she hates it (taking the cue from her kicks). I haven’t had the ability to calm her to sleep. I was then told by a friend that no matter what they need to be swaddled in order to feel secure. And so, I started the swaddle journey. Note: I stopped swaddling her at 5weeks after confinement lady leaves because I simply thought that she hates to be swaddled because her hands are not freed, like claustrophobic but I was obviously wrong.

I must say I’m very bad at swaddling. My husband swaddle the baby much than me. I find it hard to swaddle nicely for her, so I have literally given up swaddling her leaving it to the husband to do it. He is really smooth with it. We used swaddle cloth and I always make such a mess that my husband would always finish the job for me. Until I had the ergococoon. I’ve had some friends using it as a sleeping bag more than explaining to me that it acts as a convenient swaddle. I had the opportunity to review ergococoon by  mymiraclebaby and I have since been using it for a couple of days. I must say, I am all in for ergococoon now.

Ergococoon experience – As my baby girl is only 2mths old, I have however, chosen the 3-12mths ergococoon instead of 0-3mths because I didn’t want to change once she hits 3mths. And I must say my first choice was definitely not pink. But the only available one for 3-12mths was pink or blue, and obviously I had to choose pink for my girl. To be honest, when the product arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the pink and the material. It is truly soft and comfy unlike the Muslim swaddle cloth I had which doesn’t feel as smooth as the organic cotton material. So I decided to let my girl try the 3-12mths with caution. Below is the picture taken at truest color without filter.

I absolutely love the organic cotton. It is soooo soft and comfy, I can imagine if I were a baby, I would definitely love this comfort. Before I tried it on her and I wasn’t sure how she would be reacting to being “trapped” in this. And so we tried for the first night. The husband said, it was extremely easy to use. It was just a zip and everything is done, while the swaddle cloth you would need to turn the baby here and there and pull the cloth to tighten the baby and could wake her easily especially her afternoon nap time where she wouldn’t be deep in sleep and she would cry all the time because she isn’t settled. Also, it causes her to puke milk whenever we turn her to tighten the swaddle cloth so we had to unswaddle her, clean her up and re-swaddle her again. Checking diaper while she is in her swaddle cloth was definitely a nightmare for me because I had to turn her to undo the swaddle and that would most of the time wake her up and she would fuss all over again and putting her back to sleep was a nightmare for me.

With ergococoon, it was a zip away to check diaper and to swaddle her back. What I really liked about ergococoon is, no matter how she struggles, she could never get her hands out, while she could always get her hands out of the swaddle cloth which she would always rub her face and her pacifier would fall off and she would wail. With ergococoon, her hands were always in, she could never get it out and her pacifier would never fall because of her hands rubbing her face. So I’m loving ergococoon!

Checking diaper was my favorite especially during the night feed i.e. The 4am feed. I used to just carry her in her swaddle cloth to feed and burp her then put her down to sleep and I never check her diaper because of fearing to have to swaddle her back and that she would be very awake and hard to put back to sleep and I would be so tired after. When I got the ergococoon, I could now unzip her and check her diaper then feed and burp her, put her back into ergococoon and put her to sleep with minimal chance of waking her up. (Note: she is an extremely fussy baby so some of you might not have the same experience as me)

Now, after using it for 5days, I would advice all my friends to get the ergococoon because it is convenient for parents (especially 1st time parents), minimal disruptions to babies and most importantly comfortable for them as well. Below is a picture of her in it! She is only 2mths old and she could fit in it pretty nicely especially the neck area, I am thus not so worried about the ergococoon being too big for her. Thank you mymiraclebaby for giving me this opportunity to review this because I’m absolutely loving it! I am an ergococoon convert now.

(Check out mymiraclebaby website for the other designs and even other baby essentials that they are carrying.)


Note: This post is purely a product review for mymiraclebaby. No monetary payment was received and the review is purely based on my personal opinion after trying the product for 5 consecutive days.


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