4mths and on..

Wow, time really flies. Jan would turn 4mths coming Sunday. It also means the end of my maternity leave and returning back to work. I haven’t been blogging much only because. I’ve been trying to train her into Gina ford’s schedule. It wasn’t easy for sure. There were lots of crying because I’m trying to train her to drink and sleep at certain timings and for a certain time. I must say, it was super tiring and heartbreaking for my husband and I to see her cry like that. We are also very fortunate that we don’t stay with any of our parents because they definitely wouldn’t make scheduling possible.

So, what I’ve realised is, my baby automatically goes into the schedule as she grows after I started her on Gina ford. But somehow, I still couldn’t get the nap times right especially late afternoon nap. But at least for now, 3/4 of the schedule is in place and I’m pleased. And at almost 4mths, I do not need to give late feeding and she could technically sleep through. When I used the word technically, reason being, she would now be waking for pacifier at 11-12+.

When I first dropped the late feeding, she would almost wake every hour starting from 2.30am for pacifier. Now, the situation has improved because she would wake for pacifier at 11-12+ at night. I see this as a progression because it means that I could sleep through too. So I really liked Gina ford’s method. Highly recommend it because, now I do not need to standby at home. My husband and I can start going out for dinner and movie after we put her to sleep, of course my helper is home to kiv on her.

I’m really not looking forward to work because I think I will really have separation anxiety from her but it is part and parcel of life that I will have this and I cannot be keeping her to my side of vice versa all my life. But I guess I understand why some working moms chose to be stay at home moms when they have kids. I can really understand why.

Here’s our moment:


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