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swimming @ home

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As per my previous blog post, my baby is officially 4mths old today. When she was at 3mths old, I was eagerly searching for swimming classes for her but unfortunately, it is highly recommended that she starts at 6mths old. Thus, I had to prebook her into a swimming classes when she is 6mths old later. This is how anxious I can be when it comes to swimming.

In my personal opinion, I think it is extremely important to know how to swim, it is a life saving skill. But I found out that it is not as easy to make a baby learn to swim as I thought it would be, because if you start her off wrongly, she would be fearful of water. I thought that since she likes her bath, swimming is no feat, then I got to find out from many mothers that swimming involves putting the head into the water, and if that step is done wrongly, the baby would be fearful of water or swimming, so I got to do it really tactfully.

So, I have also been advised to bring her to the pool myself prior to the swimming lessons which is happening only 2-3mths later. But, I don’t have pool at my convenience as I stay in public housing and there are no pool facilities, and I wouldn’t want to go to public pool only because I kind of believe that the pool is much more dirty or more chlorinated than the ones at the condominiums. And I was extremely fortunate that I was contacted by my miracle baby once again to do a product review and this time, specifically on swimava pool spa. So there are 2 different ones that they have, and I chose P2 swimava compact baby pool spa as it was more suitable for my baby’s age, thus, if you have a really small infant, you can start off with the other pool set P1. I was eagerly waiting for the pool spa to arrive as I was really eager to start getting her to enjoy kicking and being in the water.

So, when the pool spa arrived, I think I was more excited than my husband about this whole experiencing swimming thing going for Jan. lol. In any case, the pool set came with a neck float, and came with a pump too, it helps a lot instead of the traditional way of blowing the float up with our breath. The instructions to set it up was really simple. All you need to do is to use light soap and warm water to rinse it before use, and that is it. There are only 2 parts to use the pump for: 1) the neck float and 2) the pool rim, that’s all. The rest is science, i.e., using the water weight to get the pool set standing upright.

I have used it during the weekends as I would like to make it a weekly activity for my baby to enjoy and so far, she is enjoying it. Her first reaction was really curious like she was processing what was going on as it feels like a bath yet not a bath. After that, she just loves her time in the pool set thus far.

Here’s what I think after using it for a while:

Pros of a pool set:

  1. It is not weather dependent, i.e., I can choose to use it anytime of the day for my baby to enjoy the spa, and unlike going to the pool I would have to cancel her swim time should it rain. I can even let her swim in the pool set at the balcony even when it is raining. She can enjoy some nice natural white noise.
  2. I can control the temperature and not worry about chlorinated water. As this is a home pool set, I can feel more at ease even if she drinks some water in it, although technically, she is unable to do drink because of the neck float. The best thing about this is, I set the water temperature to be the same as her bath as compared to the outdoor pool, it is subject to temperature and very often, the water is really cold even for adults.
  3. It is really easy to set up as I have mentioned earlier. All you need is a water source and there you go. More importantly, it is so easy to clean up before and after use.
  4. I can set it up at any part of the house, depending whether or not you would like to have a direct water source from it or not. For me, I like it at the balcony, because it is less claustrophobic and there is some nature in the surrounding rather than the toilet or living room.

Con of a pool set:

  1. The real drawback of this is really only 1 concern, there is a lot of water involved, so if you are particular about water wastage, you might feel really guilty using this pool set, however, all the above advantages outweigh this con. To tackle this, I didn’t fill it to the top of the pool set, instead to a height I think is sufficient for her feet to not touch the floor. Thus, as she grows bigger, I would then fill it up to the top.

In summary, I highly recommend this to anyone who is concerned about chlorinated water for young infants/babies, as this is really something I don’t have to worry. I think to be able to swim in a slightly warm water and not weather dependent are the next 2 biggest advantage and doesn’t disrupt my routine that I want to schedule for her.

So check out my miracle baby for pool set P1 or P2. My baby is 4mths old so I chose pool set P2 for Jan.

Ps: This post is purely a product review for my miracle baby. No monetary payment was received and the review is purely based on my personal opinion after trying the product for 2 weeks.


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