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Reality hits: separation anxiety 

Oh dear, time really flies. It seemed like it was just yesterday that I just popped. In just about exactly 6days’ time, I would be heading back to work. I must say I definitely will miss seeing my baby girl.

My journey so far, has been nothing short of stress, happiness, dilemma and full of decisions. This girl of mine didn’t make it easy for me to take care. While it seemed so easy for my friends to schedule their babies or take care of their babies, mine is a complete opposite. For Chinese, they believed it is because I was an unhappy or angry pregger… Zzzz… I was just being me and prenatal.. Haha.

I never thought that I would be feeling so emotional about going back to work. I was (before I gave birth) a very motivated individual who strives at work, now, I don’t think I’m lazy but I don’t think I can go back to being 200% committed at work, well, definitely not at the beginning of going back to work. Probably my commitment would come back later when I am used to working all over again.

They say, it is highly likely that there would be a recession next year especially after the US elections. I also believed this and so keeping this job is crucial for me as I am the main breadwinner of the family. Life here is stressful as the cost of living is not low. I wouldn’t say high for sure because we can choose our preferred lifestyle and thus I supposed I’m one of those seeking for medium lifestyle, not low and not high.

Just penning my emotional thoughts and feelings about going back to work. Hope my husband would be able to take good photos and videos for me while I am at work.


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