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Weekend loves

It is the weekend again. This is the 2nd weekend since I’ve gone back to work. I must say I don’t hate going back to work because it is kind of a breather away from baby. However, going back to work makes me appreciate and look forward to weekend even more. I, now will plan for more quality time with my baby.

So that’s my weekend loves. Have a good weekend ahead as well! Will post again!

baby, motherhood

last day as a SAHM

It has been a pretty amazing journey being a stay at home mom especially when I am such a workaholic. I used to think that I would be the kind of mother who can’t wait to get back to work. I had a lot of passion for my job and I truly enjoy working. Now, today, 18 weeks after giving birth to my baby girl, I am feeling a little emotional as my daily routine would be changed and the number of hours to see her would be greatly reduced.

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