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Funny fact: sickly mom

Ever since I’ve gone back to work, I haven’t really quite got the time to sit down to pen down my daily thoughts. All I was looking forward to after work is to spend that one hr time with her before she goes to bed. Good that she is being on schedule but the bad thing is, if I have to work a bit later, I wouldn’t get to see her except in the morning for like 10mins. The woes of a working mom.

Today I am sick. I’m having a bad throat and a splitting headache. Seems like it might lead to fever but I’m hoping not. As I’m still expressing milk for my baby, I googled online to see if she could drink milk from her sick mother. And i saw some funny but good facts online.

It says that a sick mother’s milk has even more antibodies as the body builds up antibodies to fight the illness thus these antibodies would be pass on through the breastmilk to the baby. So all the more the baby should drink the milk from a sick mother. However of course hygiene factor would be less or no kisses, sanitizing hands and etc.

I told my husband what the online materials shared and we both laughed because the more sick I am, the more antibodies my baby will have and will be more immuned. But jokes aside, I think it makes sense too so I feel more relieved expressing and giving my baby girl. At least I don’t have to waste the milk.

So for those who is also a new mom, don’t be afraid of baby being infected through breastmilk, because they would be consuming the antibodies and not the illness. But do keep in mind hygiene when being close to baby as they get infected that way instead of via breastmilk.

Until next time, here’s me and baby sending our loves…


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