15mths and on…

It has been a while since I’ve last blogged. I have been pretty occupied with work, household stuff and of course juggling time between the hubby and baby. It’s tough having to be a working and blogging mom and since I’m having a bit of an insomnia, I thought I can finally find time to document something after so long. 😬

Well, baby girl now is turning 15mths tmr and she is walking very well with temperaments. Eating has been good for her but maybe I haven’t tried wide enough food for her. I mean, the basics of all range of food but I have been quite slack on varying the menu. 

Come to think about it, time flew by with the batter of an eyelid. It didn’t feel so fast till I started looking through the photos since birth. Boy, she has changed quite a bit and the worries now as a mom is more of her diet, her developmental growth and manners. 

I just met up with my mummies group of friends for lunch and boy, how our conversations have changed from pregnancy, to giving birth to breast feeding to formula milk to solid food introduction to childcare services to toddler classes. Our topics have progressed so much we can’t imagine how to restart when all of us get pregnant with a 2nd child. 

It was then I realized that the men bond by talking about the national service (army we call it here in Singapore) and women bond over baby talks (that’s a better topic than discussing about other people actually 😅).

Now, I will try to get back to sleep. If you are keen in seeing her progress in life, u can head over to ig @iammisszq.ang. U can find her there… 

till the next insomnia session…