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Weekend loves

It is the weekend again. This is the 2nd weekend since I’ve gone back to work. I must say I don’t hate going back to work because it is kind of a breather away from baby. However, going back to work makes me appreciate and look forward to weekend even more. I, now will plan for more quality time with my baby.

So that’s my weekend loves. Have a good weekend ahead as well! Will post again!

baby, motherhood

Repeated routine

Routines for babies are great because things are more predictable. I’ve been reading Gina ford’s contented little baby, and she is a believer of routine and schedules so that life as a parent would be easier. However, when the routine is not a good routine, it actually worries me more.

My baby is kind of having same routine of fussing at the same timing, fussing even though she is being fed. Confinement period is ending soon and the confinement lady would soon be returning home. I am indeed getting a little anxious about how I am going to handle this fussy baby. I am sure I can get through this but it can get frustrating when she isn’t calmed.

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