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swimming @ home

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As per my previous blog post, my baby is officially 4mths old today. When she was at 3mths old, I was eagerly searching for swimming classes for her but unfortunately, it is highly recommended that she starts at 6mths old. Thus, I had to prebook her into a swimming classes when she is 6mths old later. This is how anxious I can be when it comes to swimming.

In my personal opinion, I think it is extremely important to know how to swim, it is a life saving skill. But I found out that it is not as easy to make a baby learn to swim as I thought it would be, because if you start her off wrongly, she would be fearful of water. I thought that since she likes her bath, swimming is no feat, then I got to find out from many mothers that swimming involves putting the head into the water, and if that step is done wrongly, the baby would be fearful of water or swimming, so I got to do it really tactfully.

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